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People of Interest

  • Glassstaff — Leader of the Redbrands. Escaped when raiding their hideout.
  • The Spider — Mysterious man behind the kidnap of Gundren and trouble in Phandalin


  • Find your kidnapped friend Gundren Rockseeker
  • Ask Agatha about a powerful spellbook
  • Drive off the orcs at Wyvern Tor
  • Investigate the source of the undead at Old Owl Well
  • Take care of the Redbrands and bring documents found to Halia
    • Kept the documents but relayed the information?
  • Drive off the dragon in Thundertree
  • Ask Redidoth about Cragmaw Castle, where Gundren was taken

Gathered Information

  • Gundren was taken by the Cragmaw goblin raiders
  • An empty map case was found at the site of his ambush
  • The goblin raiders took Gundren to Cragmaw Castle
  • The goblin raiders were asked to ambush and capture Gundren by someone called The Spider
  • Redidoth, an old druid living in Thundertree, may know where Cragmaw Castle is.
  • The Redbrands were hired by The Spider to take care of any adventurers that come through and to cause trouble in Phandalin.
  • Glassstaff had some books in his library referring to Wave Echo Caves
  • Wave Echo Caves are old caves long thought lost and which house a wellspring of magic capable of being used to forge powerful magic items
  • Gundren may be sought for a map leading to Wave Echo Caves

SCAAR - Reference Sheet

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