Ensemble Game Night

SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session Twelve

Sneaking around

Kerri was pretty disappointed that she didn’t get to kill the dragon but it’s gone now so her town can now start to rebuild. An Elven Duelist named Jane came up asking to join the party to help get revenge on the goblins for killing her elven clan. The group readily accepts her help.

Everyone want to go back to town for supplies and booze. Bob’s cousin already waited this long for rescue. what’s another day or two or three? They were rewarded 100 gold for taken care of orcs. The townspeople threw a big party for the group for taking care of all the problems around town. They ate and drank their fill then camped out at Willow’s aunt’s farm for the night before heading to left for Cragmire castle.

Coming up to the castle, the party decides to wait until nightfall to try to scout around the castle. Learning from last time, Bob is told to stay put since he’s terrible at sneaking. Willow, Kerri, and Jane sneak around to see what they could find out about the castle’s defenses.

They investigated a path further to the south and discovered a side door and some rubble. Above the rubble they can just make out some bodies in bed rolls.

“Are they dead bodies or bodies that are alive?” Kerri wondered. Nobody knows.

The party sends Willow up the stairs to the door. Willow manages to pick the lock silently and peek in. She sees an empty coridoor and motions to the others to join her. Surprisingly, Bob manages to be silent but unfortunately Rama trips on a rock on his way to the stairs, fell down and makes a bunch of noise, waking the goblins. The bodies in the bedrolls were definitely not dead…


Willow strikes first and takes one of the goblins out! The rest used ranged weapons to reach the goblins and kills another one. The last goblin disappeared from view.

Kerri enters the castle but she couldn’t see anything down the dark hallway. Everyone else was gathering in the entrance when suddenly a goblin kicks down the door to their left!


Kerri takes the first shot at the rude goblin but he stays up, squealing in pain. Bob roars in fustration as every time his sacred flame was blocked. The party isn’t doing the best at taking down the attackers.

Fortunately, Elewin manages to slay their leader and some of the goblins started fleeing after seeing their leader fall. The party makes quick work of the rest of the goblins after that.



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