Ensemble Game Night

SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session Thirteen

The Goblin Castle

The group began exploring the area. Bob and Rama entered the next chamber and triggered a trap which dumped a ton of huge rocks down on them, severely injuring them both. Nonetheless, the team continued onward. They opened a few doors, and stumbled upon another goblin. They took the goblin out and continued into the next room.

In the next chamber they found a suit of chain-mail, a crossbow, a long-sword, a cask filled with brandy and some rotting food. Willow listened at the next door and heard sounds of someone sharpening weapons. They kick the door down and four Hobgoblins turn to look at them. A fight ensues. Elewin managed to blind some of them and Kerri took advantage of the opportunity to knock one out with her great-sword. Rama annihilated the next one and surged forward to knock back the third. Willow leapt in a killed the third one with her sword. Jane and her wolf knocked out the fourth Hobgoblin and the team surrounded their captures.

Bob intimidated the Hobgoblins into telling them about their people and then takes the heads of the dead ones as trophies. They move into the next room and listen at the door, Kerir and Jane hear chanting on the other side. They enter to find the goblin Lhupo, who the others had told them about, and two other goblin acolytes. Battle ensued. The team moved in, Willow finishing off one of the acolytes with her sword while Kerri shot the leader. As the final goblin was distracted, Bob smashed his axe into him, finishing the last of them off.

Rama’s glowing axe lit the room. A stone altar stood in the middle of the room covered with black cloth. A chalice, knife and censor are on the altar. The windows are covered with heavy curtains.

Willow, Kerri and Rama recognized that this was an altar to Maglubiyet, the God of Goblins and Hobgoblins. They had clearly destroyed the previous religious artifacts of the room before installing their own. Willow looks closer at the implements on the altar and notices they are made out of gold. She takes them.

Back in the room through some double doors they passed earlier, the group was assaulted by a giant worm coming out of the walls.



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