Ensemble Game Night

SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session Fourteen

Finding Cuz

As the crew stares cautiously about the dimly lit room, a Grick drops from the ceiling surprising Willow, Jane and Bob. Willow and Rama react quickly, doing some damage. Jane’s wolf took a bite out of it as well. Elewin takes a shot and the Grick explodes, spraying guts everywhere. “UGH” Rama exclaims, shaking off the goo.

The group continued to explore. As they peeked around a corner, they noticed someone or something standing in the dark. It was a Hobgoblin. Bob lops off an arm while Kerri finishes it off with a clean shot from her longbow. Suddenly, Jane hears a weird rustling sound through a crack in the wall.

Bob casts a healing spell on himself and cautiously approaches the crack. Bob spots something big inside the room and stumbles backwards. “It’s an Owlbear” Willow declares, taking a look. Bob and Rama line up to bust down the door but Jane shakes her head at them, approaches the crack in the wall and crouches down. She casts a spell and speaks to the Owlbear. “Are you trapped?” “Yes, the Goblins put me here” the Owlbear tells her. “We’ll let you out,” Jane decides, “Step back from the door”.

Bob and Rama approach the door and kick hard but the door doesn’t budge. They both took a second bash and the door swung open. The Owlbear slowly approaches the door. Bob and Rama glance at Jane and then step back. Bob reaches out a hand to pet the Owlbear as it passes by, “Hey there big guy” he says tenderly as the feathers brush his hand. As it leaves, it tells Jane it will run off any Goblins it sees in the area.

The group enters the room and looks around. The walls are covered in scratch marks from the Owlbear’s attempts to escape. The upper floors have collapses to create a hollow silo, the upper reaches lost in shadows. Old worktables and bookshelves are strewn around. Willow notices a narrow ledge where the second floor would have been, and what appears to be a wooden box. She quickly scales the wall to a small ledge on the second level and approaches the battered little box. She doesn’t see any traps, nor does it appears to be locked. She opens it carefully. She finds 90 electrum, 120 gold, a potion of healing and two scrolls. She climbs back down with her finds and hands the scrolls to Elewin and Bob for identification. Bob identifies one as Revivify – a spell which can revive any creature that hasn’t died of old age. The other was Silence.

They continue along to the next room Rama listens at a curtain, but hears nothing. Rama pushes past it and can hear voices from the next room. Bob takes his axe to to the door. The bugbear, King Gol, and dark elven woman sat at a table, in the far back corner, Bob could see his cousin guarded by a wolf. The dwarf appeared to be badly beaten and unconscious. Elewin and Willow fired shots into the room just as Bob ran forward, leapt onto the table and swung his axe down into King Gol. Rama strode into the room beside Bob and took a swing at King Gol as well. The dark elf grabs a roll of paper from the table and makes for the door. Willow and Jane manage to punch the drow as she passes.

Rama and Bob continue digging into King Grol while the others, realizing she has the map, charge after the drow. As Kerri steps into the doorway to take a shot at the elf’s back, the wolf snaps at her from within the room. Elewin attempted to daze her with colour spray but it was ineffective. Jane’s wolf manages to bite the elf but she holds her ground. As she tries to flee, Jane stabs her with the rapier, wounding her deeply. The elf gets past the wolf but it grabs her, nearly, but not quite taking her down a second time. The elf sprints around the corner, disappearing from view. Kerri pushes away from the enemy wolf but it takes her to the ground. She stumbles back onto her feet and after the drow, and shoots an arrow out into the dark. The elf cries out in pain as the arrow strikes too. Kerri grins with pride at her strike. Elewin runs after the elf and finds her laying on the ground. She fires a magic missile, killing the elf.

Meanwhile, Rama and Bob are still struggling with King Gol and the wolf in the other room. Rama takes most of the damage while Bob furiously swings his axe around to little effect. Willow runs in and shoots Gol’s wolf in the head, killing it instantly. Bob, tiring of his axe fails, attempts to cast inflict wounds on King Gol but misses again. Jane steps into the room and takes a shot, wounding him. Rama takes a final surge, smashing King Gol, who stumbles backwards, severely wounded. Gol swings angrily back at Rama knocking him nearly off his feet. Kerri takes the final blow, knocking Gol unconscious.

Bob steps towards his unconscious cousin. The rest of the group watching silently. Bob gives the other dwarf a swift kick to the ribs, and seeing him groan, announces “Good, I don’t have to waste that spell on him”. They tie King Gol up and search the room, waiting for Gundrun to wake up. Under Gol’s bed they find 220 silver, 160 electrum, 3 potions of healing and, on the body of the dark elf (which now looks like an androgynous black humanoid), they found the map they were looking for to Wave Echo cavern. Looking at the strange humanoid figure on the ground, Elewin recognizes it as a Doppleganger. They assume it was there acting for the Black Spider, but the disguise remains a mystery.

After a long rest, Gundrun wakes up. He thanks them for rescuing him and hopes they will return him to Phandalin.



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