Ensemble Game Night

SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session Fifteen

With the map in hand, the group traveled on to Wave Echo Cave, which has been lost for at least a hundred years, more of Bob’s cousins were supposed to meet them here but no one had seen them for weeks. They left Gundren at Phandalin – he had offered them a stake in the mine and profits if the group could find out what happened to his brothers and secure the mine for him.

As they enter the cave through the narrow entrance they can hear the booming and crashing of ocean waves every few minutes. The entrance leads to a large cavern, in the western part they could see three bedrolls and a stash of supplies. Amid the supplies the notice the body of a dwarf miner, dead at least a week best they could figure. A sturdy hemp rope was tied to a nearby stalagmite and leading down into a tunnel.

Bob cast light on Rama’s sword again and the others picked up some nearby lanterns and began exploring the surrounding area. Bob recognizes the dead dwarf as his cousin Tharden. He was wearing a pair of boots of striding and springing. They gave these to Rama for his love of jumping three times higher than normal.
The party opted to head down into the pit and head into the eastern tunnel.

They found a pile of skeletons – dwarves and orcs, as though there had been a battle. The group approach the skeletons. Rama and Jane notice bat like creatures on the ceiling just as the creatures dropped down upon them. Jane reacted quickly enough to shoot a stirge off of Willow but one latched onto Bob and stuck there. Another flies into Kerri’s face but does not manage to attach. The team fought off the stirges as they continued to latch on and leech health from them.

After killing the last of the stirges, the team headed south into a partially collapsed tunnel with two doors at the end. They listen at one but hear nothing so Bob kicks in down. They find another pile of ancient dwarf and orc skeletons. The rooms looks like it was a barracks. Bob crunches across the bodies to the center of the room and looked around. The others cautiously follow him in. Suddenly, the bones start moving. The skeletons form around them and begin to stand. Rama smashes one with his battle axe as two more surround Bob, swinging for him until he can cast Turn Undead and some begin to flee. He casts a spiritual weapon and hacks at one of the unturned skeles. With most of the skeletons fleeing from Bob, the team is able to eliminate them one by one.



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