Ensemble Game Night

SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session Eleven

What’s lighter than air

The group stood atop the roof of the green dragon’s tower looking down as it stared back up at them askance.

“What’s lighter than air, and is it your gas?” Bob yelled inexplicably down at the dragon.
“Get off my roof or I’ll get you down” the dragon replied.
“How will you get us down?” Bob quipped.
“It involves lots of entrails all over the place” the dragon said.

Rama ended the discussion with a javelin. It struck the dragon, hurting and angering it.
Kerri fired an arrow, Bob hurled a sacred flame, Elewin cast Flaming Sphere, Willow shot an arrow too and Rama flung another javelin. All of the attacks struck true, the final javelin clearly hurting the dragon most of the total barrage. The dragon took aim at Rama, unleashing a powerful gust of poison gas. Rama held on, but barely.


The team was shaken. Kerri fired an arrow down as Bob reacted quickly to Rama’s plight, casting healing word on Rama as the dragon began to climb the side of the tower to escape Elewin’s flaming sphere. Bob then let off a sacred flame at the dragon. The damage from each individual party member seemed minimal, yet already the dragon appeared to be in rough shape.

Elewin released 3 magic missiles at the dragon while Willow fired off another sneak attack. Rama hurled his last javelin and gathered his strength for a second wind. He wasted no time, leaping from the wall onto the dragon’s back, biting back the pain from the landing, he swung his great axe into the dragon’s flesh, hurting it greatly. The dragon clawed furiously at Rama, causing him to fall, unconscious, to the floor 10 feet below. Weakened severely, the dragon took to the sky. Kerri fired, managing to hit it, Bob missed with his sacred flame, Elewin struck it with three more magic missiles, and Willow missed entirely. Rama rose from unconsciousness and stared up at the team as they lowered their weapons. The dragon soared onward, finally out of range of their attacks.

Though disappointed that the dragon had escaped, they had succeeded in their quest. Kerri was satisfied that the dragon had been run off from her hometown and Willow was more than happy to count the treasure which it had left behind.

In the dragon’s stash they found 800 silver, 150 gold, 4 silver goblets set with moonstones, a scroll of misty step, a scroll of lightening bolt, and a dwarven battle axe with dwarvish runes on it. Bob recognized the word “Hew” in the runes. They knew it to be magical and extra effective against creatures or objects made of wood.




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