Ensemble Game Night

SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session Six

Wrath of the Owlbear

Bob proceeded into the next room and immediately fail bailed into a pit trap.

Willow dances across tiny ledges to the other side
Rama jumped across
The two help bob up

Dusty old hallway with a pit

5 foot wide landing above large cellar, stone steps, stone cistern on the western side of the room, walls lined with kegs and barrels

They investigate and find nothing of interest. Elewin shows up.
Bob and Willow listen at the door to the next room but hear nothing
Bob bursts into the room immediately drawing the attention of the three Redbrands apparently quietly hanging out in there.
Battle ensues.

We defeat the Redbrands and escort the villagers back to town.
Elewen tried to identify the three mysterious potions and failed as they are not magical, but in the process discovered that the rat was indeed magical and probably a wizard’s familiar. He also identified the two scrolls we were carrying as charm person and fireball.

The liquids are appraised at the coster and determined to be rare alchemical ingredients.
We sell all the gems and pelts for 470gp.

We tell Halia the truth about what happened – glasstaff got away – but do not deliver the correspondence. She is disappointed in that and only pays us half the agreed price – 50gp.

Went to Townmaster Hall:
Board outside reads:
– Orcs near Wyverntor”

Harmin Wester is the townmaster – weighty, gruff, a fat a pompous man, but happy to see us. Tells us; now that we’ve taken care of the Redbrands maybe we can go to riventor to help with the orc menace. Offers 100 gold to take out the orcs, 500 if we are able to locate Cragmaw castle and defeat or drive off the tribe’s chieftan.

Sister Garael young elven woman run the shrine of luck is so pleased with us for taking care of the Redbrands that she gives us 3 free potions of healing. She also has been asked to persuad a banshee called Agatha to answer a question about a spellbook but the creature wouldn’t appear for her. If we could bring her this jewelled silver comb she could tell us where to find a spellbook by the legendary mage Bogentle. Flatter it and trade. The lair is in the abandoned town of Conneberry.

The trip to thunder tree would take 3 days down a not well trodden path. 5 days to Conneberry but a slightly more well trodden path. They head for the latter.

The first four days are uneventful. At night time on the fifth day, we’ve been travelling along the Triboar trail, not many people but it is travelled. Towns are small, not much trade, fairly dangerous but don’t get lost. At night of the final day, an Owlbear disturbs us from sleep. Willow springs into action first, doing serious damage with her bow but the Owlbear is not pleased, it pecks and claws her into unconsciousness. Kerri makes a move and shoots it, Bob takes a swing as well and casts a sanctuary around Willow to protect her so she can stabilize and heal.



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