Ensemble Game Night

SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session Five

When we left off, the adventurers had entered the basement of the Redbrand manor, pulverized a few Bugbears and made a new friend; Droop, the loveable goblin. They now stood outside the door to what Droop claimed to be Glasstaff’s quarters. Bob listened at the door and heard a strange bubbling sound but no indication that anyone was on the other side. He swung the door open and stepped inside, finding it to indeed be empty.

As they entered the room, a large rat scurried under the table. The room was strewn with numerous old tomes and parchments and contained a large worktable covered in various alchemical devices, which explained the bubbling. Kerri, with her skill in animal handling, thought the rat to be important and tried to befriend it, offering some pieces of apple from her pack. The rat seemed pleased with this offering, and nibbled away contently.

Willow wondered briefly if they should perhaps check the next room for occupants but Bob and Rama were already transfixed upon one of the books; the title of which was in Dwarven but could be roughly translated as “Diary”. The two Dwarven literate adventurers read excerpts allowed so the others could understand. It talked about the “Phandelvers Pact” between Humans, Dwarves, and gnomes, the “Forge of Spells” which is used to make magic items, the Orcs destruction of the north and a Wave Echo Cave, the location of which was long since lost. Lastly there was mention of a magical mace named “Lightbringer”.

Finding nothing else of interest, the team entered Glasstaff’s bedroom, which was also empty. It contained a chest, which was unlocked and empty but for a pouch containing a fistful of gems, which they took. They searched the room and, since nobody else was feeling particularly observant today, Bob found both a door in the wall, which was slightly ajar, and a letter on the desk which was addressed to Glasstaff from the infamous Black Spider. The letter instructed Glasstaff to deal with our adventurers, stopping them at any cost, including their lives.

Before continuing through the secret door in the wall, Kerri returned to the previous room to try and capture the rat, which she still had a strange feeling about. Figuring it to be a friend, she tried to pick it up but the rat bit her finger and tried to escape. She stuffed it roughly into a pouch and pulled the drawstring. The rat was not happy about this and continued to squeal for the remainder of the journey.

The team entered the secret passageway, allowing Bob to go first, as usual. They came out into a store room which contained little of use but they did bundle up 30 beaver pelts which they figured would fetch a decent price later.

Willow found another hidden door in a weird looking wall, but also found it to be locked. Thrilled at the opportunity to put some of her thieving skills to work, Willow tried, and failed, to pick the lock. Feeling defeated, she stepped aside and allowed Rama to have at it with his axe. Fortunately, the door was made of wood and bent like butter to his will.

The room they entered then was full of weapons, but none of them any kind of improvement on the teams’ current arms. The team discussed destroying the weapons to remove them from Rebrand hands but then decided, since they would likely be dispatching with most of the Redbrand’s themselves, that perhaps the townspeople could use them later and instead left the armory in tact (apart from the door, that is).

In the next room they found a somewhat creepier scene. This room was different than the others they had seen before, there were tree-like columns along the walls, 2 large copper doors, and three sarcophagi each with an assembled skeleton in full mail propped up against it. Deciding it was probably best not to disturb the dead any further, the team sidled along the wall to the first copper door and entered the room without really thinking about what might be on the other side.

Bob was first through again and was immediately confronted by two armed Redbrand guards. As he drew his weapon, Bob noticed what they were guarding; two cells, one containing two women and the other a small boy. The team made quick work of the two guards and rescued the women and boy, who cautiously grabbed their clothes from a roughly strewn pile by the wall. They headed back to the weapon stash to arm the civilians just in case, but as they entered the three skeletons suddenly sprang into life.

As they were drawing their weapons and shuffling their rescued villagers back into the cell room, the adventurers noticed that these skeletons appeared to be of noble bearing, one was clearly a woman and the other two men. Arrows and swords were largely a miss during this battle, but the limited amount of space, combined with Bob‘s [special undead scaring move which I forget the name of], his hammer, and Rama’s axe, allowed them to smash the skeletons to pieces.

After this, the civilians were armed and the group took a moment to recompose themselves before pressing forward. One of the women, whose name was Mirna, thanked them profusely and, while she had nothing on hand to offer them, she told them the location of a hidden family heirloom; an Alchemist’s, Dendarar, in the southeast of Thundertree beneath a section of storage shelves, is where they would find it.

To be continued…


The Special Undead Scaring move is Channel Divinity. Specifically, the Turn Undead feature of it. This ability allows Bob to once per fight either spread around a bit of healing or scare off undead through channeling the divine power of his Deity.


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