Ensemble Game Night

MOP - Session 5

-The party sets off to eliminate the orcs
-Harbin, the townmaster, rushes to catch up to the party and provides a map of where Wyvern Tor is, and notes that it should be the biggest hill on Tryboar Trail about 3 days away
-Kerri purchases extra rations for the trip
-The first 2 nights are peaceful and uneventful for the party as they travel
-As party nears the Tor, Mordan and Iston see a goblin in the encroaching fog. On approach, the party gets attacked by 5 goblins
– The party slaughters 3 with ease, and knock out the remaining 2 for questioning. Iston, knowing Goblin, asks what they were doing. The goblins were running from the orcs, and mention that there was an orc standing guard near a cave, seemingly guarding something
-Iston persuades goblins to lead party as far as they can to the orcs
-The party learns that the goblins intended to meet their friends at Cragmaw Castle
-Iston, on behalf of Brom, asks if they know anything about a black spider or Redbrands. They know nothing. The goblins wish to aid the party if they will kill the orcs
-On the 4th day, the party reaches the area with the orc standing guard, and Iston sends the goblins away for their safety. Before they leave, Brom asks for their names: Vaturar, a tall goblin, and Sinetar, a goblin with sharp teeth. The goblins ask the party to send any goblins they meet to Cragmaw Castle, and to tell them not to attack just yet. The party bids them farewell, slightly guilt-ridden for having killed their friends
-The party surrounds the orc standing guard at the entrance of a corridor of boulders, and the orc falls



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