Ensemble Game Night

MOP - Session 4

- Kerri Mei bursts through the door instead with sacks of supplies
– He was on a job delivering goods to a wizard. He heard noises downstairs, and came down to investigate.
– Party inspects sacks, find a small pouch of 20sp, Redbrand uniforms, and equipment.
- Kerri agrees to help party kill Glasstaff if they agree to help him go back to the old village that he and his family escaped from
- Leet falls in fight with Redbrands investigating. Kerri wanted to kick Leet while he was down.
– Brom wanted to kick Leet for 2sp. Iston wanted to ruffle through his belongings to find info. Mordan stopped this and revived Leet
– Leet asked Iston if he touched his balls. Iston said there none to feel
- The letter, finally read by Iston, was signed with a black spider.
– Addressed to Lord Albrec, it instructed to capture dwarven maps, and to kill dwarves if need be. Spies in Neverwinter say strangers are due to arrive soon in Phandelin
- Kerri unhinges door after Brom breaks leg trying to kick it down, and Mordan tried with his warhammer
- Party makes its way back to the inn to rest, and are offered lodging at a stranger’s house in exchanger for carrying out a job
- Party agrees, and Harbin Wester greets them as the town master
– He mentions the town is being harrassed by orcs nearby, situated near Wyvern Tor. Will give provisions to the party
- Harbin requests one orc head as proof. The terrain is presumed to be rocky/mountainous
- Sister Garaele approaches Iston with a favor and small chit-chat
– Iarno was seen going to the Manor, with a Redbrand about 7 days ago, and wonders if Lord Albric is ok
– Favor is to help persuade a banshee named Agatha about info on a spellbook. She has been trying to make her appear so she can ask the banshee herself.
– The banshee might respond to a gift, like a silver comb. The Banshee knows where the spellbook may be.



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