Ensemble Game Night

MOP - Session 3

- Party makes it behind the manor, and Mordan checks behind the shrubbery at the eastern wall, finding a secret door that Iston missed. Iston apologizes “sorry, my fingers aren’t so sensitive today”
- Party enters secret door after it collapses, and Mordan hears pebbles in the distance
- Leet mentions he has a cousin named Dude 4lyfe
- Party creeps around under the manor and checks nearby rooms. Sounds of life are present, so the party returns to the ravine
- A large creature is seen scurrying on the walls, with its large eye focused on the party.
- Iston tries to shoot ice at it, but misses and the monster scurries to the side of the ravine with the party.
- Party demolishes the Gnothic. Iston smells the corpse, and records this in his history book. Mordan and Brom take 1 finger each
- Party finds tome of Lost Mine of Phandelver
– +500 years ago, Phandelver’s Pact was formed to share riches in Wave Echo Cave. The mine also contained magical power. A forge could craft magical items.
– Disaster struck, and then the orcs attacked. Humans and dwarves banded together to defend the mine, and the location of the cave was lost with time
– People have tried to look for the cave, in the area where Phandelin now stands. The Rockseekers have been looking for the entrance
– A priest commissioned a mace called Lightbringer. The mace was lost along with the location of Wave Echo Cave
- Brom kills a rat, which poofs instead. Mordan stands by and watches this unfold
- Brom swings a door open, and attempts to open a secret door but fails. Mordan opens it, and the party finds a letter.
- Iston reads the letter, addressed to Lord Albrec, and party moves towards door up the stairs
- Mordan opens the door at the left of the dead end. Party enters room of supplies
- Party senses entity escaping, and decide to cut off its path to escape and make their way back through the cavern
- Party waits at an expected door to open to ambush Glasstaff



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