Ensemble Game Night

MOP - Session 2

- Party wakes up in an inn room, and are greeted by Leet 4lyfe
– Party notes that he is wearing Redbrand garments
- Leet asks for help in his task, and offers the party’s equipment back since he does not have money
- He is looking for the wizard Glasstaff, leader of the Redbrands
– As he introduces himself to the party, Brom immediately recognizes him, but vaguely so
- As party introduces each other, Leet mentions he used to live in Phandelin
- Halia enters, and offers party 100g to take down Glasstaff. She mentions the base is at Tresendar Manor
- She gives the party 5 Potions of Healing, and advises to avoid staying on the road. Looking around the manor may be useful, and sneak at night
- Halia gives Mordan a map of the Manor. The map is a blueprint of the hideout under the manor. Halia will wait across the Sleeping Giant for party’s return.
- The party discovers they are in Stonehill Inn
- Party visits Sister Garaelle (an old elf cleric), with Mordan’s reluctance, since Iston claims she may know some info on the Redbrands
– She claims she knows nothing, and doesn’t want anything to do with the party
- Party moves towards manor, and decide to go to the back via the forest.
- Party moves up cliff. Patrols notice Brom falling down, but investigate a bush near the manor instead thanks to Mordan and Iston’s efforts to distract
- Brom shouts out, alerting patrol. Leet attempts to distract the patrol, but Brom shouts ‘Just kill the guards already’
- Party kills the patrol, and attempt to sneak into the manor. Brom faceplants into the ground, alerting more guards



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