Ensemble Game Night

MOP - Session 1

- Brom (Human Fighter), Mordan (Hill-dwarf Cleric), and Iston (High elf Wizard) make their way to Phandelin on a job to transport goods, to be paid 10g/member, to Barthen’s Provisions
- Gundren Rockseeker, escorted by Sildar, need to arrive ahead of party to take care of business
- The party turns east along the path where bandits are known to lurk. Brom drives the carriage
- The party comes across 2 dead horses, and are ambushed by 4 goblins.
- 3 of the 4 goblins are felled, and one gets away. The party decides not to pursue
- In late afternoon, party reaches Phandelin, and makes its way to Barthen’s Provisions.
- Aside, Brom helps an old lady to her house, and catches up with the others
- Brom and Iston go into Barthen’s and ask for Gundren, believing the goods were to be delivered to him. Mordan awaits outside looking after the packages
- Brom and Iston exit, and they all re-enter with the task clear in mind.
- Mordan and Brom take the crates into Barthen’s
- Mordan gives crate and receives his pay. Brom unsuccessfully tries to persuade for more gold, and Iston holds his hand out for payment. Mordan slaps it away.
- Barthen throws the payment at Brom, who catches it, and at Iston, whose face is hit with the sack of gold and the pieces scatter on the ground
- As Brom and Iston leave, Mordan apologizes to Barthen. Barthen requests a favour to help with problem of the Redbrands, who frequent the Sleeping Giant (taphouse) at the end of the road. Mordan happily accepts
- Mordan and Iston stop by Sister Garaelle’s house on the way to the Sleeping Giant, but no one is home
- Meanwhile, Brom instead visits Townmaster Hall and takes a poster ad for hunting orcs near Wyvern Tor
— Brom asks about the bounty, and learns that 1 pair of orc fangs per orc are required as proof. He asks about Gundren and Sildar
- Mordan and Iston are confronted by 4 humans wearing grimy scarlet cloaks
- They both fall in battle as Brom arrives to help, but Brom is also defeated



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