Kingdoms rich in ancient grandeur, halls carved into the roots of mountains, the echoing of picks and hammers in mines and blazing forges, a commitment to clan and tradition, and hatred of goblins and orcs—these common threads are the heritage of every dwarf.

Bold and hardy, dwarves are known as skilled warriors, miners, and workers of stone and metal. They can live to be more than 400 years old, so the oldest living dwarves often remember a very different world.

Dwarves are solid and enduring like the mountains they love, weathering the centuries with stoic endurance. Individual dwarves are determined and loyal, true to their word and committed in action, sometimes to the point of stubbornness.

In the Forgotten Realms, your people are called gold dwarves. They have remote kingdoms in the south and typically keep their distance from human affairs. Their brethren are the shield dwarves of the north, who are strong, hardy, and accustomed to a difficult life in rugged terrain. Years ago, you moved to that northern realm.


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