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SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session One
Chapter 1: Goblin Arrows - Part 1

Each member of the party was approached by a friend of theirs, Gundren Rockseeker, while they are in Neverwinter. He was quite excited about something but wouldn’t say much except that he and his brothers found “something big”. He offered 10 gold each for them to do him a favor and escort a cart load of equipment to Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin, a town south east of Neverwinter. After getting all the provisions ready to travel Gundren and his escort, Sildar Hallwinter went on ahead, saying he had to arrive early to “take care of business”.

After travelling for a few days, they turned east onto the Triboar Trail. However, the trip to Phandalin was soon interrupted. Two horses lay dead across the trail and blocked passage, black feathered arrows sticking out from the corpses. Kerri spotted movement in the bushes and warned the others as Bob moved to take a closer look at the dead horses. He quickly realized these were the horses of their friend Gundren and his warrior escort. Their saddle bags had been looted and an empty map case lay nearby. Unfortunately, even with the warning and being on guard, only Kerri was prepared when the goblins jumped from the bushes to ambush them. The fight didn’t last long between Vizard’s magic missiles and the arrows of Kerri and Willow. Unfortunately, Willow and Bob did take a few hits from the goblins before they were defeated. After the fight Bob decided to take a trophy.. the body of one goblin.. which he dubbed Rick.

Deciding to find their friend, in part because he was the one that would pay them when they got to Phandalin, Kerri looked around for signs of where the goblins came from. Finding a trail heading to the north they followed it in hopes of finding the goblin hideout. Willow handily disarmed the first of the goblin’s rudimentary traps, a snare. Bob re-purposed the net to make it easier to carry Rick. Unfortunately, focused on his trophy, Bob was not so careful with where he was stepping and handily ‘disarmed’ a pit trap by falling directly into it. Lucky for him, goblins are not effective pit diggers and he had no trouble simply climbing back out, though he did take a few bumps and bruises from the fall.

Upon finding the cave and probable hideout of the goblins Bob managed to alert the rather lazy and inattentive goblin guards when he decided to use Rick to test the far side of the stream for more traps. This fight went even more quickly than the last, the goblins being quite unprepared for intruders really. Bob took two more goblins as trophies now that he had a net to help him in dragging them behind him. One quite bloody from the javelin Leonidas threw right through the poor goblin earlier.

There was some debate on trying to lure out the goblins or scare them from the caves, but the attempts unfortunately only woke some dogs by the sounds of it. Entering the caves they found a cave that seemed to be used as a kennel and garbage. Kerri was able to tame the wild dogs there and after a brief inspection of the kennels found a fissure leading up into the cave wall. It must come out somewhere as someone has been dumping garbage and scraps down it to the dogs. There was some debate about what to do next, but Vizard and Leo were determined not to follow the garbage filled fissure and so the front door path was the route they took.

After following the stream for a short distance, Bob and Vizard spotted a goblin on a bridge some 20 feet above the stream, acting as a look out. Unfortunately, the goblin was quick and crafty and managed to avoid the spells cast at it by the wizard and cleric. The goblin scampered away quickly and out of sight. Only a few moments later, water rushed down the cavern path they had been following. Most were able to maintain their footing but Bob, the water catching the goblins and dragging him along with them out of the cave. On his way back to meet his travelling companions again another flood of water washed down through the cavern tunnels. Fortunately, this time everyone was able to keep from being washed away, though some were lost their footing they were able to grab hold of some rocks.

Worried another flood would come soon, and seeing the cave opening up ahead of them, most of the party pushed onward, hoping Bob would catch up soon.

…. to be continued

MOP - Session 1

- Brom (Human Fighter), Mordan (Hill-dwarf Cleric), and Iston (High elf Wizard) make their way to Phandelin on a job to transport goods, to be paid 10g/member, to Barthen’s Provisions
- Gundren Rockseeker, escorted by Sildar, need to arrive ahead of party to take care of business
- The party turns east along the path where bandits are known to lurk. Brom drives the carriage
- The party comes across 2 dead horses, and are ambushed by 4 goblins.
- 3 of the 4 goblins are felled, and one gets away. The party decides not to pursue
- In late afternoon, party reaches Phandelin, and makes its way to Barthen’s Provisions.
- Aside, Brom helps an old lady to her house, and catches up with the others
- Brom and Iston go into Barthen’s and ask for Gundren, believing the goods were to be delivered to him. Mordan awaits outside looking after the packages
- Brom and Iston exit, and they all re-enter with the task clear in mind.
- Mordan and Brom take the crates into Barthen’s
- Mordan gives crate and receives his pay. Brom unsuccessfully tries to persuade for more gold, and Iston holds his hand out for payment. Mordan slaps it away.
- Barthen throws the payment at Brom, who catches it, and at Iston, whose face is hit with the sack of gold and the pieces scatter on the ground
- As Brom and Iston leave, Mordan apologizes to Barthen. Barthen requests a favour to help with problem of the Redbrands, who frequent the Sleeping Giant (taphouse) at the end of the road. Mordan happily accepts
- Mordan and Iston stop by Sister Garaelle’s house on the way to the Sleeping Giant, but no one is home
- Meanwhile, Brom instead visits Townmaster Hall and takes a poster ad for hunting orcs near Wyvern Tor
— Brom asks about the bounty, and learns that 1 pair of orc fangs per orc are required as proof. He asks about Gundren and Sildar
- Mordan and Iston are confronted by 4 humans wearing grimy scarlet cloaks
- They both fall in battle as Brom arrives to help, but Brom is also defeated

SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session Two
Chapter 1: Goblin Arrows - Part 2

Finding a bit of shelter from a possible third flood most of the party waited for their companion, Bob, to rejoin them. With his goblin trophies in tow, Bob took the lead as they ventured up a series of natural stone steps into a large open cave. Here loosely piled rock walls blocked off what used to be pools of water which filled half the cavern. However, some of these walls hand been collapsed and the pools now lay largely empty, presumably the source of the floods which had earlier swept Bob away.

Upon entering the cavern Bob was quickly set upon by 3 goblins. Already wounded and tired from their earlier trials, he was not quick enough to dodge one of the attacks which penetrated his heavy armor and gouged into him deeply. Kerri to attack the goblins from a distance while Willow helped flank one of the goblins attacking Bob. Finding an advantageous opening she made short work of the little creature while Rama (formerly Leonidas) chopped down another with his mighty axe. Kerri and Bob managing to finish off the last as Bob called upon the favor if his god to heal himself and the injured Willow. Gods are fickle beings though and saw fit to grant the rogue with a speedier recovery than their dwarven follower, perhaps they didn’t look too kindly on his practice of dragging around dead goblins… who can say.

The Cave lead to a narrow passage from within hints of flickering light could be seen, and to the west a bridge leading out over the passage they followed into the goblin hideout. The same one where they had earlier tried to ambush a goblin lookout rather unsuccessfully. Perhaps the escaped lookout lay among the now fallen bodies…

Unfortunately, this was not the case. The lookout had carried on, after telling the others to flood out the intruders and as the party carried on through the narrow passage they found the bugbear and leader of this group of raiders, Klarg, ready for them. Standing near the back of the cave, his goblin defenders stood ready to ambush the first to enter the cave. With her bow at the ready, Kerri was quick to enter and got off the first shot, but luck was not with her. She found herself beset by one of the goblins which closed in on her, backing her against one of the cavern walls. From the back of the cave Klarg declared, “Klarg will make a throne from your bones!” Before he set his wolf against Rama. The bugbear remaining back to protect their looted goods. Rama fought hard against the goblins and wolf with Bob calling on his sacred flames to help him while Kerri and Willow used their bows to dispatch another.

Seeing the struggle between the goblins and the trespassers was not going to his liking, Klarg joined the fray, swinging a large club-like morning star. A powerful strike by the brutal creature laid out Rama before he turned on the small, easy target of Willow. The heroes were able to knock him out but not before Willow also fell to an absolutely crushing blow from the morning star which was nearly the size of the little halfling. Waiting for their companions to recover, Kerri and Bob tied up Klarg and moved much of the supplies he had been hoarding to their wagon. The signia of the Lionshield Coaster in Phandalin. Certainly they would be willing to pay for the recovery of their goods. While moving the heavy and bulcky goods they also came across a small chest holding Klarg’s treasure amounting to 600cp, 100sp, 2 healing potions and a small jade statue of a frog with golden spheres for eyes. After identifying the potions and some consideration, they were used to help heal and revive Willow and Rama. Once Klarg awoke he was questioned, revealing that he had been ordered by his boss King Grol to watch for Gundren and then send him to Cragmaw Castle to be ransomed to the Black Spider who is looking for him.

After questioning him and knowing that Sildar still remained in the cavern they devised a rather ruthless plan to try and shake up the remaining goblins. Severing the legs from their fallen chieftain, and following the path across the bridge they threw the body into the cavern ahead of them and amidst the remaining goblins. This, however, didn’t go quite as planned. With nowhere to escape to the goblins gathered together while the strongest amongst them grabbed Sildar and put a sword to his throat, “Stay Back or I kill the human!” It demanded. In an attempt to get the goblin off guard, it was decided to bluff a 10 gold payment for his release. With the intention of double crossing the goblin.

The goblin hostage taker demanded that Willow, the smallest amongst the group, deliver the money. Then, as he grasped the bag of gold from her hand he kicked Sildar over the ledge, falling 10’ to the ground below with a heavy thud against the rough and jagged stone floor. Willow tried to fight off the goblin, and even got in one solid and punishing slash with her sword before one of his cohorts rushed up on her and managed a deadly blow of his own, causing the halfling to fall unconscious. Rama rushed in to help but was surrounded by 4 more goblins, one of which he killed before he was overwhelmed. Still recovering from the fight with Klarg and with their comrades already fallen, Bob and Kerri resorted to a slow retreat, luring a pair of the goblins away. They managed to kill one more before Rama caught his second wind and rushed the two which had stayed behind by the unconscious body of Willow. He dispatched them quickly as the one remaining one which had been taunting Kerri and Bob heard the sounds of fighting and rushed back. It didn’t take long for this straggler to fall as well. Unfortunately, Sildar had been injured badly from his fall from the ledge and didn’t survive.

With the goblin raiding problems taken care of, the adventurers have managed to obtain the whereabouts of their dwarven friend and some additional supplies to bring back to Phandalin. In need of a good rest and some time to recover they loaded what remained onto their wagon and returned to the road, rather wearily. Hopefully the reward is worth the effort…

… End of chapter 1

SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session Three

The adventurers did some stuff in town. More on that story later.

MOP - Session 2

- Party wakes up in an inn room, and are greeted by Leet 4lyfe
– Party notes that he is wearing Redbrand garments
- Leet asks for help in his task, and offers the party’s equipment back since he does not have money
- He is looking for the wizard Glasstaff, leader of the Redbrands
– As he introduces himself to the party, Brom immediately recognizes him, but vaguely so
- As party introduces each other, Leet mentions he used to live in Phandelin
- Halia enters, and offers party 100g to take down Glasstaff. She mentions the base is at Tresendar Manor
- She gives the party 5 Potions of Healing, and advises to avoid staying on the road. Looking around the manor may be useful, and sneak at night
- Halia gives Mordan a map of the Manor. The map is a blueprint of the hideout under the manor. Halia will wait across the Sleeping Giant for party’s return.
- The party discovers they are in Stonehill Inn
- Party visits Sister Garaelle (an old elf cleric), with Mordan’s reluctance, since Iston claims she may know some info on the Redbrands
– She claims she knows nothing, and doesn’t want anything to do with the party
- Party moves towards manor, and decide to go to the back via the forest.
- Party moves up cliff. Patrols notice Brom falling down, but investigate a bush near the manor instead thanks to Mordan and Iston’s efforts to distract
- Brom shouts out, alerting patrol. Leet attempts to distract the patrol, but Brom shouts ‘Just kill the guards already’
- Party kills the patrol, and attempt to sneak into the manor. Brom faceplants into the ground, alerting more guards

MOP - Session 3

- Party makes it behind the manor, and Mordan checks behind the shrubbery at the eastern wall, finding a secret door that Iston missed. Iston apologizes “sorry, my fingers aren’t so sensitive today”
- Party enters secret door after it collapses, and Mordan hears pebbles in the distance
- Leet mentions he has a cousin named Dude 4lyfe
- Party creeps around under the manor and checks nearby rooms. Sounds of life are present, so the party returns to the ravine
- A large creature is seen scurrying on the walls, with its large eye focused on the party.
- Iston tries to shoot ice at it, but misses and the monster scurries to the side of the ravine with the party.
- Party demolishes the Gnothic. Iston smells the corpse, and records this in his history book. Mordan and Brom take 1 finger each
- Party finds tome of Lost Mine of Phandelver
– +500 years ago, Phandelver’s Pact was formed to share riches in Wave Echo Cave. The mine also contained magical power. A forge could craft magical items.
– Disaster struck, and then the orcs attacked. Humans and dwarves banded together to defend the mine, and the location of the cave was lost with time
– People have tried to look for the cave, in the area where Phandelin now stands. The Rockseekers have been looking for the entrance
– A priest commissioned a mace called Lightbringer. The mace was lost along with the location of Wave Echo Cave
- Brom kills a rat, which poofs instead. Mordan stands by and watches this unfold
- Brom swings a door open, and attempts to open a secret door but fails. Mordan opens it, and the party finds a letter.
- Iston reads the letter, addressed to Lord Albrec, and party moves towards door up the stairs
- Mordan opens the door at the left of the dead end. Party enters room of supplies
- Party senses entity escaping, and decide to cut off its path to escape and make their way back through the cavern
- Party waits at an expected door to open to ambush Glasstaff

SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session Four

The team visits a bandit cave and harasses some innocent Bugbears.

MOP - Session 4

- Kerri Mei bursts through the door instead with sacks of supplies
– He was on a job delivering goods to a wizard. He heard noises downstairs, and came down to investigate.
– Party inspects sacks, find a small pouch of 20sp, Redbrand uniforms, and equipment.
- Kerri agrees to help party kill Glasstaff if they agree to help him go back to the old village that he and his family escaped from
- Leet falls in fight with Redbrands investigating. Kerri wanted to kick Leet while he was down.
– Brom wanted to kick Leet for 2sp. Iston wanted to ruffle through his belongings to find info. Mordan stopped this and revived Leet
– Leet asked Iston if he touched his balls. Iston said there none to feel
- The letter, finally read by Iston, was signed with a black spider.
– Addressed to Lord Albrec, it instructed to capture dwarven maps, and to kill dwarves if need be. Spies in Neverwinter say strangers are due to arrive soon in Phandelin
- Kerri unhinges door after Brom breaks leg trying to kick it down, and Mordan tried with his warhammer
- Party makes its way back to the inn to rest, and are offered lodging at a stranger’s house in exchanger for carrying out a job
- Party agrees, and Harbin Wester greets them as the town master
– He mentions the town is being harrassed by orcs nearby, situated near Wyvern Tor. Will give provisions to the party
- Harbin requests one orc head as proof. The terrain is presumed to be rocky/mountainous
- Sister Garaele approaches Iston with a favor and small chit-chat
– Iarno was seen going to the Manor, with a Redbrand about 7 days ago, and wonders if Lord Albric is ok
– Favor is to help persuade a banshee named Agatha about info on a spellbook. She has been trying to make her appear so she can ask the banshee herself.
– The banshee might respond to a gift, like a silver comb. The Banshee knows where the spellbook may be.

SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session Five

When we left off, the adventurers had entered the basement of the Redbrand manor, pulverized a few Bugbears and made a new friend; Droop, the loveable goblin. They now stood outside the door to what Droop claimed to be Glasstaff’s quarters. Bob listened at the door and heard a strange bubbling sound but no indication that anyone was on the other side. He swung the door open and stepped inside, finding it to indeed be empty.

As they entered the room, a large rat scurried under the table. The room was strewn with numerous old tomes and parchments and contained a large worktable covered in various alchemical devices, which explained the bubbling. Kerri, with her skill in animal handling, thought the rat to be important and tried to befriend it, offering some pieces of apple from her pack. The rat seemed pleased with this offering, and nibbled away contently.

Willow wondered briefly if they should perhaps check the next room for occupants but Bob and Rama were already transfixed upon one of the books; the title of which was in Dwarven but could be roughly translated as “Diary”. The two Dwarven literate adventurers read excerpts allowed so the others could understand. It talked about the “Phandelvers Pact” between Humans, Dwarves, and gnomes, the “Forge of Spells” which is used to make magic items, the Orcs destruction of the north and a Wave Echo Cave, the location of which was long since lost. Lastly there was mention of a magical mace named “Lightbringer”.

Finding nothing else of interest, the team entered Glasstaff’s bedroom, which was also empty. It contained a chest, which was unlocked and empty but for a pouch containing a fistful of gems, which they took. They searched the room and, since nobody else was feeling particularly observant today, Bob found both a door in the wall, which was slightly ajar, and a letter on the desk which was addressed to Glasstaff from the infamous Black Spider. The letter instructed Glasstaff to deal with our adventurers, stopping them at any cost, including their lives.

Before continuing through the secret door in the wall, Kerri returned to the previous room to try and capture the rat, which she still had a strange feeling about. Figuring it to be a friend, she tried to pick it up but the rat bit her finger and tried to escape. She stuffed it roughly into a pouch and pulled the drawstring. The rat was not happy about this and continued to squeal for the remainder of the journey.

The team entered the secret passageway, allowing Bob to go first, as usual. They came out into a store room which contained little of use but they did bundle up 30 beaver pelts which they figured would fetch a decent price later.

Willow found another hidden door in a weird looking wall, but also found it to be locked. Thrilled at the opportunity to put some of her thieving skills to work, Willow tried, and failed, to pick the lock. Feeling defeated, she stepped aside and allowed Rama to have at it with his axe. Fortunately, the door was made of wood and bent like butter to his will.

The room they entered then was full of weapons, but none of them any kind of improvement on the teams’ current arms. The team discussed destroying the weapons to remove them from Rebrand hands but then decided, since they would likely be dispatching with most of the Redbrand’s themselves, that perhaps the townspeople could use them later and instead left the armory in tact (apart from the door, that is).

In the next room they found a somewhat creepier scene. This room was different than the others they had seen before, there were tree-like columns along the walls, 2 large copper doors, and three sarcophagi each with an assembled skeleton in full mail propped up against it. Deciding it was probably best not to disturb the dead any further, the team sidled along the wall to the first copper door and entered the room without really thinking about what might be on the other side.

Bob was first through again and was immediately confronted by two armed Redbrand guards. As he drew his weapon, Bob noticed what they were guarding; two cells, one containing two women and the other a small boy. The team made quick work of the two guards and rescued the women and boy, who cautiously grabbed their clothes from a roughly strewn pile by the wall. They headed back to the weapon stash to arm the civilians just in case, but as they entered the three skeletons suddenly sprang into life.

As they were drawing their weapons and shuffling their rescued villagers back into the cell room, the adventurers noticed that these skeletons appeared to be of noble bearing, one was clearly a woman and the other two men. Arrows and swords were largely a miss during this battle, but the limited amount of space, combined with Bob‘s [special undead scaring move which I forget the name of], his hammer, and Rama’s axe, allowed them to smash the skeletons to pieces.

After this, the civilians were armed and the group took a moment to recompose themselves before pressing forward. One of the women, whose name was Mirna, thanked them profusely and, while she had nothing on hand to offer them, she told them the location of a hidden family heirloom; an Alchemist’s, Dendarar, in the southeast of Thundertree beneath a section of storage shelves, is where they would find it.

To be continued…

MOP - Session 5

-The party sets off to eliminate the orcs
-Harbin, the townmaster, rushes to catch up to the party and provides a map of where Wyvern Tor is, and notes that it should be the biggest hill on Tryboar Trail about 3 days away
-Kerri purchases extra rations for the trip
-The first 2 nights are peaceful and uneventful for the party as they travel
-As party nears the Tor, Mordan and Iston see a goblin in the encroaching fog. On approach, the party gets attacked by 5 goblins
– The party slaughters 3 with ease, and knock out the remaining 2 for questioning. Iston, knowing Goblin, asks what they were doing. The goblins were running from the orcs, and mention that there was an orc standing guard near a cave, seemingly guarding something
-Iston persuades goblins to lead party as far as they can to the orcs
-The party learns that the goblins intended to meet their friends at Cragmaw Castle
-Iston, on behalf of Brom, asks if they know anything about a black spider or Redbrands. They know nothing. The goblins wish to aid the party if they will kill the orcs
-On the 4th day, the party reaches the area with the orc standing guard, and Iston sends the goblins away for their safety. Before they leave, Brom asks for their names: Vaturar, a tall goblin, and Sinetar, a goblin with sharp teeth. The goblins ask the party to send any goblins they meet to Cragmaw Castle, and to tell them not to attack just yet. The party bids them farewell, slightly guilt-ridden for having killed their friends
-The party surrounds the orc standing guard at the entrance of a corridor of boulders, and the orc falls


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