Ensemble Game Night

SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session Sixteen

The team crosses the hallway into another room, it appears to be some sort of office. There are piles of orc and gnome bones. Bob picks up a nice big one and tosses one to the wolf who happily sets about chewing it. What books and papers there are fall apart as soon as they are touched but they can tell it was some sort of record keeping. They find an iron strongbox which Willow picks, after they check it for traps. They find what appear to be old payments. 600 copper, 180 silver, 90 electrum and 60 gold.

As the companions approach the room where they fought the stirges, they hear some sounds. Suddenly, a javelin strikes Bob, who is in the lead, in the shoulder. They see two bugbears just ahead, followed by a wizard. “Glassstaff”, willow mutters. Willow reacts fast, peeking out from behind Kerri to shoot and then diving for cover. One of the bugbears who cries out in agony and Kerri shudders as a magical force almost traps her. Suddenly a blue elf, much like the doppleganger they killed before, comes at them shouting “You killed my sister!”. She attacks Kerri ferociously, but Kerri dodges, only to get struck with a crossbow bolt from a ruffin. She swats away a second crossbow bolt just as one of the bugbears mauls her. Kerri flees behind the rest of the group as Elewin casts his flaming sphere where she had been standing. Jane and Rama set into the elf, Rama using his new springy boots to leap over Bob. Bob, javelin still in his shoulder, swings his axe at the woman as well. Glassstaff shoots magic missiles at Willow shouting “You’re supposed to be dead!”

Elewin casts a spell which makes a huge crashing sound, pushing the elf backwards, though the bugbear is able to withstand. Glassstaf shoots mercilessly at Willow, nearly knocking her unconscious. He yells “I will kill you all in the name of the black spider!” Jane finally manages to take out Glassstaff but with his dying breath, he yells to the ruffians to tell Black Spider they are here. Willow took a shot at them as they began to flee, before sprinting back the way they had entered to try and head them off. Jane and her wolf followed them in case they were headed for a secret exit.

Finally, they finish off the drow and Rama joins Willow in running for the entrance. Willow dashes around a corner and manages to shoot one of them. Elewin and Kerri head towards the entrance tunnel in the hopes of heading them off while Rama, Willow, Jane and the wolf ferociously follow them. Rama manages to strike one with two javelins, as willows steps deftly behind him, hidden from sight of the feeling ruffians. She pops quickly out from behind Rama and takes down one of the ruffians. The other turns to shoot the wolf with his crossbow, Jane cringed as the wolf cries in pain, but he shook it off and lunged after the fleeing ruffian, pouncing on him and ripping his throat out. Meanwhile, Bob has been tying up the unconscious drow.

Exhausted and sore, the companions drag the drow back to the office they had investigated earlier, barricade the door and settle in to rest and tend to their wounds.

SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session Fifteen

With the map in hand, the group traveled on to Wave Echo Cave, which has been lost for at least a hundred years, more of Bob’s cousins were supposed to meet them here but no one had seen them for weeks. They left Gundren at Phandalin – he had offered them a stake in the mine and profits if the group could find out what happened to his brothers and secure the mine for him.

As they enter the cave through the narrow entrance they can hear the booming and crashing of ocean waves every few minutes. The entrance leads to a large cavern, in the western part they could see three bedrolls and a stash of supplies. Amid the supplies the notice the body of a dwarf miner, dead at least a week best they could figure. A sturdy hemp rope was tied to a nearby stalagmite and leading down into a tunnel.

Bob cast light on Rama’s sword again and the others picked up some nearby lanterns and began exploring the surrounding area. Bob recognizes the dead dwarf as his cousin Tharden. He was wearing a pair of boots of striding and springing. They gave these to Rama for his love of jumping three times higher than normal.
The party opted to head down into the pit and head into the eastern tunnel.

They found a pile of skeletons – dwarves and orcs, as though there had been a battle. The group approach the skeletons. Rama and Jane notice bat like creatures on the ceiling just as the creatures dropped down upon them. Jane reacted quickly enough to shoot a stirge off of Willow but one latched onto Bob and stuck there. Another flies into Kerri’s face but does not manage to attach. The team fought off the stirges as they continued to latch on and leech health from them.

After killing the last of the stirges, the team headed south into a partially collapsed tunnel with two doors at the end. They listen at one but hear nothing so Bob kicks in down. They find another pile of ancient dwarf and orc skeletons. The rooms looks like it was a barracks. Bob crunches across the bodies to the center of the room and looked around. The others cautiously follow him in. Suddenly, the bones start moving. The skeletons form around them and begin to stand. Rama smashes one with his battle axe as two more surround Bob, swinging for him until he can cast Turn Undead and some begin to flee. He casts a spiritual weapon and hacks at one of the unturned skeles. With most of the skeletons fleeing from Bob, the team is able to eliminate them one by one.

SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session Fourteen
Finding Cuz

As the crew stares cautiously about the dimly lit room, a Grick drops from the ceiling surprising Willow, Jane and Bob. Willow and Rama react quickly, doing some damage. Jane’s wolf took a bite out of it as well. Elewin takes a shot and the Grick explodes, spraying guts everywhere. “UGH” Rama exclaims, shaking off the goo.

The group continued to explore. As they peeked around a corner, they noticed someone or something standing in the dark. It was a Hobgoblin. Bob lops off an arm while Kerri finishes it off with a clean shot from her longbow. Suddenly, Jane hears a weird rustling sound through a crack in the wall.

Bob casts a healing spell on himself and cautiously approaches the crack. Bob spots something big inside the room and stumbles backwards. “It’s an Owlbear” Willow declares, taking a look. Bob and Rama line up to bust down the door but Jane shakes her head at them, approaches the crack in the wall and crouches down. She casts a spell and speaks to the Owlbear. “Are you trapped?” “Yes, the Goblins put me here” the Owlbear tells her. “We’ll let you out,” Jane decides, “Step back from the door”.

Bob and Rama approach the door and kick hard but the door doesn’t budge. They both took a second bash and the door swung open. The Owlbear slowly approaches the door. Bob and Rama glance at Jane and then step back. Bob reaches out a hand to pet the Owlbear as it passes by, “Hey there big guy” he says tenderly as the feathers brush his hand. As it leaves, it tells Jane it will run off any Goblins it sees in the area.

The group enters the room and looks around. The walls are covered in scratch marks from the Owlbear’s attempts to escape. The upper floors have collapses to create a hollow silo, the upper reaches lost in shadows. Old worktables and bookshelves are strewn around. Willow notices a narrow ledge where the second floor would have been, and what appears to be a wooden box. She quickly scales the wall to a small ledge on the second level and approaches the battered little box. She doesn’t see any traps, nor does it appears to be locked. She opens it carefully. She finds 90 electrum, 120 gold, a potion of healing and two scrolls. She climbs back down with her finds and hands the scrolls to Elewin and Bob for identification. Bob identifies one as Revivify – a spell which can revive any creature that hasn’t died of old age. The other was Silence.

They continue along to the next room Rama listens at a curtain, but hears nothing. Rama pushes past it and can hear voices from the next room. Bob takes his axe to to the door. The bugbear, King Gol, and dark elven woman sat at a table, in the far back corner, Bob could see his cousin guarded by a wolf. The dwarf appeared to be badly beaten and unconscious. Elewin and Willow fired shots into the room just as Bob ran forward, leapt onto the table and swung his axe down into King Gol. Rama strode into the room beside Bob and took a swing at King Gol as well. The dark elf grabs a roll of paper from the table and makes for the door. Willow and Jane manage to punch the drow as she passes.

Rama and Bob continue digging into King Grol while the others, realizing she has the map, charge after the drow. As Kerri steps into the doorway to take a shot at the elf’s back, the wolf snaps at her from within the room. Elewin attempted to daze her with colour spray but it was ineffective. Jane’s wolf manages to bite the elf but she holds her ground. As she tries to flee, Jane stabs her with the rapier, wounding her deeply. The elf gets past the wolf but it grabs her, nearly, but not quite taking her down a second time. The elf sprints around the corner, disappearing from view. Kerri pushes away from the enemy wolf but it takes her to the ground. She stumbles back onto her feet and after the drow, and shoots an arrow out into the dark. The elf cries out in pain as the arrow strikes too. Kerri grins with pride at her strike. Elewin runs after the elf and finds her laying on the ground. She fires a magic missile, killing the elf.

Meanwhile, Rama and Bob are still struggling with King Gol and the wolf in the other room. Rama takes most of the damage while Bob furiously swings his axe around to little effect. Willow runs in and shoots Gol’s wolf in the head, killing it instantly. Bob, tiring of his axe fails, attempts to cast inflict wounds on King Gol but misses again. Jane steps into the room and takes a shot, wounding him. Rama takes a final surge, smashing King Gol, who stumbles backwards, severely wounded. Gol swings angrily back at Rama knocking him nearly off his feet. Kerri takes the final blow, knocking Gol unconscious.

Bob steps towards his unconscious cousin. The rest of the group watching silently. Bob gives the other dwarf a swift kick to the ribs, and seeing him groan, announces “Good, I don’t have to waste that spell on him”. They tie King Gol up and search the room, waiting for Gundrun to wake up. Under Gol’s bed they find 220 silver, 160 electrum, 3 potions of healing and, on the body of the dark elf (which now looks like an androgynous black humanoid), they found the map they were looking for to Wave Echo cavern. Looking at the strange humanoid figure on the ground, Elewin recognizes it as a Doppleganger. They assume it was there acting for the Black Spider, but the disguise remains a mystery.

After a long rest, Gundrun wakes up. He thanks them for rescuing him and hopes they will return him to Phandalin.

SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session Thirteen
The Goblin Castle

The group began exploring the area. Bob and Rama entered the next chamber and triggered a trap which dumped a ton of huge rocks down on them, severely injuring them both. Nonetheless, the team continued onward. They opened a few doors, and stumbled upon another goblin. They took the goblin out and continued into the next room.

In the next chamber they found a suit of chain-mail, a crossbow, a long-sword, a cask filled with brandy and some rotting food. Willow listened at the next door and heard sounds of someone sharpening weapons. They kick the door down and four Hobgoblins turn to look at them. A fight ensues. Elewin managed to blind some of them and Kerri took advantage of the opportunity to knock one out with her great-sword. Rama annihilated the next one and surged forward to knock back the third. Willow leapt in a killed the third one with her sword. Jane and her wolf knocked out the fourth Hobgoblin and the team surrounded their captures.

Bob intimidated the Hobgoblins into telling them about their people and then takes the heads of the dead ones as trophies. They move into the next room and listen at the door, Kerir and Jane hear chanting on the other side. They enter to find the goblin Lhupo, who the others had told them about, and two other goblin acolytes. Battle ensued. The team moved in, Willow finishing off one of the acolytes with her sword while Kerri shot the leader. As the final goblin was distracted, Bob smashed his axe into him, finishing the last of them off.

Rama’s glowing axe lit the room. A stone altar stood in the middle of the room covered with black cloth. A chalice, knife and censor are on the altar. The windows are covered with heavy curtains.

Willow, Kerri and Rama recognized that this was an altar to Maglubiyet, the God of Goblins and Hobgoblins. They had clearly destroyed the previous religious artifacts of the room before installing their own. Willow looks closer at the implements on the altar and notices they are made out of gold. She takes them.

Back in the room through some double doors they passed earlier, the group was assaulted by a giant worm coming out of the walls.

SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session Twelve
Sneaking around

Kerri was pretty disappointed that she didn’t get to kill the dragon but it’s gone now so her town can now start to rebuild. An Elven Duelist named Jane came up asking to join the party to help get revenge on the goblins for killing her elven clan. The group readily accepts her help.

Everyone want to go back to town for supplies and booze. Bob’s cousin already waited this long for rescue. what’s another day or two or three? They were rewarded 100 gold for taken care of orcs. The townspeople threw a big party for the group for taking care of all the problems around town. They ate and drank their fill then camped out at Willow’s aunt’s farm for the night before heading to left for Cragmire castle.

Coming up to the castle, the party decides to wait until nightfall to try to scout around the castle. Learning from last time, Bob is told to stay put since he’s terrible at sneaking. Willow, Kerri, and Jane sneak around to see what they could find out about the castle’s defenses.

They investigated a path further to the south and discovered a side door and some rubble. Above the rubble they can just make out some bodies in bed rolls.

“Are they dead bodies or bodies that are alive?” Kerri wondered. Nobody knows.

The party sends Willow up the stairs to the door. Willow manages to pick the lock silently and peek in. She sees an empty coridoor and motions to the others to join her. Surprisingly, Bob manages to be silent but unfortunately Rama trips on a rock on his way to the stairs, fell down and makes a bunch of noise, waking the goblins. The bodies in the bedrolls were definitely not dead…


Willow strikes first and takes one of the goblins out! The rest used ranged weapons to reach the goblins and kills another one. The last goblin disappeared from view.

Kerri enters the castle but she couldn’t see anything down the dark hallway. Everyone else was gathering in the entrance when suddenly a goblin kicks down the door to their left!


Kerri takes the first shot at the rude goblin but he stays up, squealing in pain. Bob roars in fustration as every time his sacred flame was blocked. The party isn’t doing the best at taking down the attackers.

Fortunately, Elewin manages to slay their leader and some of the goblins started fleeing after seeing their leader fall. The party makes quick work of the rest of the goblins after that.

SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session Eleven
What’s lighter than air

The group stood atop the roof of the green dragon’s tower looking down as it stared back up at them askance.

“What’s lighter than air, and is it your gas?” Bob yelled inexplicably down at the dragon.
“Get off my roof or I’ll get you down” the dragon replied.
“How will you get us down?” Bob quipped.
“It involves lots of entrails all over the place” the dragon said.

Rama ended the discussion with a javelin. It struck the dragon, hurting and angering it.
Kerri fired an arrow, Bob hurled a sacred flame, Elewin cast Flaming Sphere, Willow shot an arrow too and Rama flung another javelin. All of the attacks struck true, the final javelin clearly hurting the dragon most of the total barrage. The dragon took aim at Rama, unleashing a powerful gust of poison gas. Rama held on, but barely.


The team was shaken. Kerri fired an arrow down as Bob reacted quickly to Rama’s plight, casting healing word on Rama as the dragon began to climb the side of the tower to escape Elewin’s flaming sphere. Bob then let off a sacred flame at the dragon. The damage from each individual party member seemed minimal, yet already the dragon appeared to be in rough shape.

Elewin released 3 magic missiles at the dragon while Willow fired off another sneak attack. Rama hurled his last javelin and gathered his strength for a second wind. He wasted no time, leaping from the wall onto the dragon’s back, biting back the pain from the landing, he swung his great axe into the dragon’s flesh, hurting it greatly. The dragon clawed furiously at Rama, causing him to fall, unconscious, to the floor 10 feet below. Weakened severely, the dragon took to the sky. Kerri fired, managing to hit it, Bob missed with his sacred flame, Elewin struck it with three more magic missiles, and Willow missed entirely. Rama rose from unconsciousness and stared up at the team as they lowered their weapons. The dragon soared onward, finally out of range of their attacks.

Though disappointed that the dragon had escaped, they had succeeded in their quest. Kerri was satisfied that the dragon had been run off from her hometown and Willow was more than happy to count the treasure which it had left behind.

In the dragon’s stash they found 800 silver, 150 gold, 4 silver goblets set with moonstones, a scroll of misty step, a scroll of lightening bolt, and a dwarven battle axe with dwarvish runes on it. Bob recognized the word “Hew” in the runes. They knew it to be magical and extra effective against creatures or objects made of wood.


MOP - Session 10

-The party makes its way to the Thundretree, which is now in ruins. This is Kerri’s hometown
-The party hears a dragon’s roar
-The party retires in an abandoned taphouse, and during their rest a figure knocks on the door slowly and quietly
-The stranger introduces himself as Reidoth, and offers help in slaying the dragon. He mentions it needs to be tonight
-Reidoth has been here to study the young dragon, which is large and green and lives in the tower
-He recommends that the party not stay too long
-Party encounters the dragon

SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session Ten

Heading north along the path, they discover another ruined cottage; roof falling in, overgrown with thicket. Upon entering, Kerri discovers it used to be a weavers hut. Six twig blights are alerted to their presence and jump out of the underbrush and building. A festival of failure ensued as neither the party, nor their enemies could seem to strike each other. Eventually, they manage to destroy the twig blights, fortunately with little damage to themselves.

The group searched out the inside of the old building but found nothing. On the East side of town, they entered a small square with a large barracks like structure to the north. Roads extend to the south east, south west and north. In the middle of the square leaned a weathered wooden statue of a warrior clutching a shield and spear. Bob recognized the statue as being of Palian who became a hero of Neverwinter after slaying several monsters when Thundertree was first founded.

Bob and Kerri approach a run down old shack for some reason and Willow cautiously approaches the Barracks, which is the only in-tact building in town. The team listens at the door but hears nothing. Bob stepped through the door awakening several ash zombies. During the battle, one of the ash zombies poofed in Bob’s face. The team had forgotten the effects of this since their last encounter with these type of ash zombies a few days ago. He managed to shake off the effects but it was extremely unpleasant. The second time a zombie poofed in Bob’s face, he was not so lucky. The ash heavily impacted his ability to fight (disadvantage for 10 turns until his succeeds constitution check).

Finally, with the zombies dead, they search the barracks. They find rations which would have fed them for a while had they not rotted long ago. Nothing of value. The rested overnight.

Kerri was adamant about fighting the dragon to avenge her hometown and prove herself a hero. The mention of potential treasure was enough to persuade Willow. Elewin knew green dragons tended to be evil, were amphibious and could spit poison clouds.

Top of the hill stands a round tower with a cottage. Several arrow slits visible in the tower, which is about 40 meters tall. Two giant spider corpses are left outside, clearly mauled by the dragon. Willow and Kerri climbed a tree but could not reach the height of the tower to see the top.

They group decided to climb the outside of the tower and attempt to surround the dragon from above. They all reached the top successfully but Bob’s armor rattled loud enough to alert the dragon to their presence. They reached the top and peered down into the tower to see a green dragon looking back up at them.

MOP - Session 9

-Brom lifts the bar for a barred door, and the party hears a loud roar from within. Brom recognizes this is probably an Owlbear roar
-The party isntead moves to another room, and finds Gundren with a wolf, female drow, and a bugbear
-The drow says the dwarf is hers, and the bugbear knew we were there for Gundren. Bugbear sends Snarl (wolf) to attack party
-After defeating the bugbear (King Grol), the party awakens Gundren with a potion. He has the map of Wave Echo Cave. King Grol was going to sell this to Vyarith, who seemed to be working for the Black Spider
-Party moves back out and exit without issue, and travel back to Phandelin with Gundren

SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session Nine

The group had just checked out an old tavern in Thundertree and fiound nothing. They walk over to a pair of collapsed cottages and are immediately attacked by a group of twig blights. Willow and Kerri take a little damage but they all quickly dispatch with the twig blights. The team continued up the road and came across a little cottage which appeared to be in use. Kerri and Rama peered through the window and the resident, while he couldn’t see them, shouted “Well, are you going to stand out there all day or are you going to come in?” They entered the house and the druid, Reidoth, whom they’d been seeking, stood before them. He is very hospitable and they ask about Cragmaw castle. He tells them there a dragon, evil nasty things, cultists in the south-eastern area (cultists of the dragon). Things which, in his opinion, they don’t want to be dealing with. He’d be glad to be rid of them but they’d be crazy to go.

Kerri immediately wanted to take on the dragon but some of the others were less certain. They opted to rest for now, and try to find the blacksmith where they knew there was a reward to be found. They enter the next destroyed building and took out a few more twig blights. Upon leaving the building, they were quickly set upon by the spiders in the neighbouring lair. With some effort and much web tangling, the team managed to take care of the spiders.

They checked out the shack and find what appears to be a corpse in the back corner. They found some more coins, a potion and a new set of studded leather armor for Willow.

The group checked out the next building, its walls were a little more in tact than the others and appeared to be an old run down smithy. They enter and are attacked by two ash zombies. With those taken care of, they search the place but find nothing of note.

They leave and move on to the next building; the urbalists shop, the one the woman they saved had told them of. The shop was cluttered with sagging shelves and broken furntiture, rubble, rotted books and casks. Everything has been ruined, the books are unreadable. They do find a small wooden case in a hidden compartment exactly where Mirna told them it would be. They find a gold necklace inside with a fire emerald pendant.

They then headed down towards the building they knew to be occupied by cultists. The first building they crossed through was run down but the next one, while appearing at first to be another empty home, was completely shuttered. Bob knocks on the door. A voice from inside yells “GO AWAY”. Reidoth had said they were a group called “Dragon Cultists” but that was all the group knew about them. Kerri and Bob knocked incessantly until they yelled again “We just want to be left alone!”. Kerri told them she was intrigued by their cult and wanted to know more about the dragon. They can hear the door being unbarred and as it opens, only a crack, a man peeks out. “What do you mean you’re intrigued?” Upon further questioning, the man tells them they know it is a young green dragon and are hoping to serve it, form an alliance with it.

At that moment Bob kicked the door in, shoving the first cultist back and revealing two more. He swung his hammer ferociously but tripped on the door frame and missed his mark. While Bob blocked the doorway, Kerri and Willow fired arrows in through the door and Rama attempted to force open the nearest window. One they had taken down two of the men in the doorway, the other four said “stop, wait, we don’t want any trouble”. Willow tells them to “get out of here and not come back”. They take a few bedrolls and necessities and leave. The dead man had a potion in a vial tied around his neck, other than that there was nothing of interest left behind. They barred the door back up from the inside and stayed for the night to rest up.


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