Ensemble Game Night

MOP - Session 9

-Brom lifts the bar for a barred door, and the party hears a loud roar from within. Brom recognizes this is probably an Owlbear roar
-The party isntead moves to another room, and finds Gundren with a wolf, female drow, and a bugbear
-The drow says the dwarf is hers, and the bugbear knew we were there for Gundren. Bugbear sends Snarl (wolf) to attack party
-After defeating the bugbear (King Grol), the party awakens Gundren with a potion. He has the map of Wave Echo Cave. King Grol was going to sell this to Vyarith, who seemed to be working for the Black Spider
-Party moves back out and exit without issue, and travel back to Phandelin with Gundren

SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session Nine

The group had just checked out an old tavern in Thundertree and fiound nothing. They walk over to a pair of collapsed cottages and are immediately attacked by a group of twig blights. Willow and Kerri take a little damage but they all quickly dispatch with the twig blights. The team continued up the road and came across a little cottage which appeared to be in use. Kerri and Rama peered through the window and the resident, while he couldn’t see them, shouted “Well, are you going to stand out there all day or are you going to come in?” They entered the house and the druid, Reidoth, whom they’d been seeking, stood before them. He is very hospitable and they ask about Cragmaw castle. He tells them there a dragon, evil nasty things, cultists in the south-eastern area (cultists of the dragon). Things which, in his opinion, they don’t want to be dealing with. He’d be glad to be rid of them but they’d be crazy to go.

Kerri immediately wanted to take on the dragon but some of the others were less certain. They opted to rest for now, and try to find the blacksmith where they knew there was a reward to be found. They enter the next destroyed building and took out a few more twig blights. Upon leaving the building, they were quickly set upon by the spiders in the neighbouring lair. With some effort and much web tangling, the team managed to take care of the spiders.

They checked out the shack and find what appears to be a corpse in the back corner. They found some more coins, a potion and a new set of studded leather armor for Willow.

The group checked out the next building, its walls were a little more in tact than the others and appeared to be an old run down smithy. They enter and are attacked by two ash zombies. With those taken care of, they search the place but find nothing of note.

They leave and move on to the next building; the urbalists shop, the one the woman they saved had told them of. The shop was cluttered with sagging shelves and broken furntiture, rubble, rotted books and casks. Everything has been ruined, the books are unreadable. They do find a small wooden case in a hidden compartment exactly where Mirna told them it would be. They find a gold necklace inside with a fire emerald pendant.

They then headed down towards the building they knew to be occupied by cultists. The first building they crossed through was run down but the next one, while appearing at first to be another empty home, was completely shuttered. Bob knocks on the door. A voice from inside yells “GO AWAY”. Reidoth had said they were a group called “Dragon Cultists” but that was all the group knew about them. Kerri and Bob knocked incessantly until they yelled again “We just want to be left alone!”. Kerri told them she was intrigued by their cult and wanted to know more about the dragon. They can hear the door being unbarred and as it opens, only a crack, a man peeks out. “What do you mean you’re intrigued?” Upon further questioning, the man tells them they know it is a young green dragon and are hoping to serve it, form an alliance with it.

At that moment Bob kicked the door in, shoving the first cultist back and revealing two more. He swung his hammer ferociously but tripped on the door frame and missed his mark. While Bob blocked the doorway, Kerri and Willow fired arrows in through the door and Rama attempted to force open the nearest window. One they had taken down two of the men in the doorway, the other four said “stop, wait, we don’t want any trouble”. Willow tells them to “get out of here and not come back”. They take a few bedrolls and necessities and leave. The dead man had a potion in a vial tied around his neck, other than that there was nothing of interest left behind. They barred the door back up from the inside and stayed for the night to rest up.

MOP - Session 8

-Sildar requests party to look for his equipment at the castle (armor + sword)
-At the forest line, the party sneaks up to 4 hobgoblins and dispatch of them. A letter is found with a seal of a staff, supposedly signed by Glassstaff. Money is found inside
-The party finds a hidden trail on the north side of the castle, as pointed out by one of the hobgoblins
-Party reaches a room with a brazier that may have been used as a church. Mordan notices a wurm-like creature hiding near the ceiling, battle ensues
-Party kills Grick swiftly, which causes some commotion. Party investigates behind some curtains and find 3 goblins behind the altar. Goblins are recognized to be wearing robes of Oghma, Mystra, Lathander, Tymora

SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session Eight

They entered Thundertree, search a couple of old mostly collapsed buildings, the little twig blights let them pass into one house. Then they entered what used to be a tavern and fought some ash zombies which poofed ash in their faces when hit the first time. They searched the tavern but found nothing of interest.

MOP - Session 7

-Along the Tryboar trail, no significant encounters occurred
-At the fork to Neverwinter/Phandelin, a limping figure is seen 120 feet away. Leet calls out to it, and notices the figure waves back – turns out to be Sildar
-Sildar tells party he awoke in a goblin cave. He was ambushed along with Gundren, and hasn’t seen him since
-Sildar requests that the party escort him back to Phandelin for 50g
-Harbin, the townmaster, greets the party and rewards 100g for Brughor’s head
-Party wakes up next day with commotion as town is celebrating the evacuation of the Redbrands and the fall of Brughor, and congratulate the party and shower it with praise
-Redbrands apparently vanished a few days after the party left Phandelin
-Halia congratulates the party, and offers 100g for proof of Glasstaff’s death
-She also borrows the Tome of Phandelver, and returns it shortly
-Leet discloses info about the letter they found from the Black Spider addressed to Lord Albrec. Halia is intrigued by the letter
-Daran warns the party of Halia, and claims to be a retired adventurer from the Order of the Gauntlet. When asked about the Redbrands, he instead asks the party what they found at the Manor
-Daran admits Glasstaff may be an alias for Albrec
-Mentions party might find lead for Albrec at Old Owl Well, though undead may be there
-Iston creates an illusion of an apple for Daran, but Leet slaps it away
-By this time, the festival dies down and closes down. Toblen motions party towards the tavern
-Party sets off for Cragmaw Castle

MOP - Session 6

-Leet leads party into cavern. Iston casts Light to provide party some visibility on his glowing finger.
-Leet and Kerri move forward and see a pale tootheless orc doing a ritual
-Brom shouts ‘Leeeeeroy Jenkins!’ and alerts 2 orcs and another (with dried blood)
-Kerri blows up an oil barrel, and Brughor is awoken
-Party fells Brughor the ogre, which renders the other orcs to be unsettled
-As party goes back on Tryboar trail, Iston and Mordan see a crumbly tower in the distance, and Mordan recognizes it’s a wizard’s tower

SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session Seven

Owlbear +140XP

After fighting off the Owlbear, the party headed to where the Banshee lives. As the group traveled through the forest, it got colder and colder and the trees thicker. They come up to some trees that are twitsted into a dome-like structure. Kerri proceeded to inspect the structure but only discovered the obvious – that it was not natural and was made by someone. Bob volunteered to enter first. As he proceeded into the dome, the air grew colder, and the banshee materialized out of thin air. She looked like an elf, whose beautiful features were twisted with hate. She threatened the party with death for intruding on her abode. The group offered a thousand pardons, convincing her that they didn’t mean to intrude but were only looking for a spellbook. They also showed the banshee the comb as a peace offering. The banshee smiled, pleased with their politeness, and told the party about what she knew about the spellbook, then disappears with the comb. Apparently, she used to have the spellbook hundreds of years ago but someone else as it now. Everyone looked around the dome but found nothing of interest, only old furniture.

The party decided to go deal with orcs but was unsure where the camp was. After searching for clues, Kerri managed to find footprints that look orcish. The party followed the tracks for a day, until they spotted a lone orc guard at the entrance of a cave at the top of a hill. Bob decided to move nearer to the guard but his lumbering and clanking armor accidentally alerted guard to the group’s presence. Kerri hid behind a boulder and shot her bow and Willow follows suit. They both hit with their arrows and managed to kill the orc guard before he is able to send out an alarm. Bob proceeded to collect the orc’s tusks as a trophy.

Willow sneaked into the orcs hideout with the rest of the party following a little ways behind. Unfortunately, a few orcs noticed her at the entrance and started to attack. The orc leader, an ogre, and other orcs join the fight after they heard the commotion. Elewin summoned a fireball, which was extremely helpful in whittling down the orc’s defenses. The archers were not having a good day and kept missing their targets. Rama scored a few great hits but not before taking a lot of damage himself. Fortunately, Bob was able to use his spells twice to save him from the brink of death. The group managed to fight them off but not before one orc escaped after seeing the big ogre fall to the party’s attacks.

While Bob gleefully collected the orcs tucks and ogre teeth to add to his ever growing collection, the rest of the party searched around the orc’s den and finds a chest. Rama and Kerri examined the chest to make sure it’s not boobytrapped then proceeded to open it. In it, there were:

750 copper
180 silver
62 electrom
30 gold
3 viles of perfume

The group rested and decided to head toward Old Owl Well in the morn.

To be continued…

SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session Six
Wrath of the Owlbear

Bob proceeded into the next room and immediately fail bailed into a pit trap.

Willow dances across tiny ledges to the other side
Rama jumped across
The two help bob up

Dusty old hallway with a pit

5 foot wide landing above large cellar, stone steps, stone cistern on the western side of the room, walls lined with kegs and barrels

They investigate and find nothing of interest. Elewin shows up.
Bob and Willow listen at the door to the next room but hear nothing
Bob bursts into the room immediately drawing the attention of the three Redbrands apparently quietly hanging out in there.
Battle ensues.

We defeat the Redbrands and escort the villagers back to town.
Elewen tried to identify the three mysterious potions and failed as they are not magical, but in the process discovered that the rat was indeed magical and probably a wizard’s familiar. He also identified the two scrolls we were carrying as charm person and fireball.

The liquids are appraised at the coster and determined to be rare alchemical ingredients.
We sell all the gems and pelts for 470gp.

We tell Halia the truth about what happened – glasstaff got away – but do not deliver the correspondence. She is disappointed in that and only pays us half the agreed price – 50gp.

Went to Townmaster Hall:
Board outside reads:
– Orcs near Wyverntor”

Harmin Wester is the townmaster – weighty, gruff, a fat a pompous man, but happy to see us. Tells us; now that we’ve taken care of the Redbrands maybe we can go to riventor to help with the orc menace. Offers 100 gold to take out the orcs, 500 if we are able to locate Cragmaw castle and defeat or drive off the tribe’s chieftan.

Sister Garael young elven woman run the shrine of luck is so pleased with us for taking care of the Redbrands that she gives us 3 free potions of healing. She also has been asked to persuad a banshee called Agatha to answer a question about a spellbook but the creature wouldn’t appear for her. If we could bring her this jewelled silver comb she could tell us where to find a spellbook by the legendary mage Bogentle. Flatter it and trade. The lair is in the abandoned town of Conneberry.

The trip to thunder tree would take 3 days down a not well trodden path. 5 days to Conneberry but a slightly more well trodden path. They head for the latter.

The first four days are uneventful. At night time on the fifth day, we’ve been travelling along the Triboar trail, not many people but it is travelled. Towns are small, not much trade, fairly dangerous but don’t get lost. At night of the final day, an Owlbear disturbs us from sleep. Willow springs into action first, doing serious damage with her bow but the Owlbear is not pleased, it pecks and claws her into unconsciousness. Kerri makes a move and shoots it, Bob takes a swing as well and casts a sanctuary around Willow to protect her so she can stabilize and heal.

MOP - Session 5

-The party sets off to eliminate the orcs
-Harbin, the townmaster, rushes to catch up to the party and provides a map of where Wyvern Tor is, and notes that it should be the biggest hill on Tryboar Trail about 3 days away
-Kerri purchases extra rations for the trip
-The first 2 nights are peaceful and uneventful for the party as they travel
-As party nears the Tor, Mordan and Iston see a goblin in the encroaching fog. On approach, the party gets attacked by 5 goblins
– The party slaughters 3 with ease, and knock out the remaining 2 for questioning. Iston, knowing Goblin, asks what they were doing. The goblins were running from the orcs, and mention that there was an orc standing guard near a cave, seemingly guarding something
-Iston persuades goblins to lead party as far as they can to the orcs
-The party learns that the goblins intended to meet their friends at Cragmaw Castle
-Iston, on behalf of Brom, asks if they know anything about a black spider or Redbrands. They know nothing. The goblins wish to aid the party if they will kill the orcs
-On the 4th day, the party reaches the area with the orc standing guard, and Iston sends the goblins away for their safety. Before they leave, Brom asks for their names: Vaturar, a tall goblin, and Sinetar, a goblin with sharp teeth. The goblins ask the party to send any goblins they meet to Cragmaw Castle, and to tell them not to attack just yet. The party bids them farewell, slightly guilt-ridden for having killed their friends
-The party surrounds the orc standing guard at the entrance of a corridor of boulders, and the orc falls

SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session Five

When we left off, the adventurers had entered the basement of the Redbrand manor, pulverized a few Bugbears and made a new friend; Droop, the loveable goblin. They now stood outside the door to what Droop claimed to be Glasstaff’s quarters. Bob listened at the door and heard a strange bubbling sound but no indication that anyone was on the other side. He swung the door open and stepped inside, finding it to indeed be empty.

As they entered the room, a large rat scurried under the table. The room was strewn with numerous old tomes and parchments and contained a large worktable covered in various alchemical devices, which explained the bubbling. Kerri, with her skill in animal handling, thought the rat to be important and tried to befriend it, offering some pieces of apple from her pack. The rat seemed pleased with this offering, and nibbled away contently.

Willow wondered briefly if they should perhaps check the next room for occupants but Bob and Rama were already transfixed upon one of the books; the title of which was in Dwarven but could be roughly translated as “Diary”. The two Dwarven literate adventurers read excerpts allowed so the others could understand. It talked about the “Phandelvers Pact” between Humans, Dwarves, and gnomes, the “Forge of Spells” which is used to make magic items, the Orcs destruction of the north and a Wave Echo Cave, the location of which was long since lost. Lastly there was mention of a magical mace named “Lightbringer”.

Finding nothing else of interest, the team entered Glasstaff’s bedroom, which was also empty. It contained a chest, which was unlocked and empty but for a pouch containing a fistful of gems, which they took. They searched the room and, since nobody else was feeling particularly observant today, Bob found both a door in the wall, which was slightly ajar, and a letter on the desk which was addressed to Glasstaff from the infamous Black Spider. The letter instructed Glasstaff to deal with our adventurers, stopping them at any cost, including their lives.

Before continuing through the secret door in the wall, Kerri returned to the previous room to try and capture the rat, which she still had a strange feeling about. Figuring it to be a friend, she tried to pick it up but the rat bit her finger and tried to escape. She stuffed it roughly into a pouch and pulled the drawstring. The rat was not happy about this and continued to squeal for the remainder of the journey.

The team entered the secret passageway, allowing Bob to go first, as usual. They came out into a store room which contained little of use but they did bundle up 30 beaver pelts which they figured would fetch a decent price later.

Willow found another hidden door in a weird looking wall, but also found it to be locked. Thrilled at the opportunity to put some of her thieving skills to work, Willow tried, and failed, to pick the lock. Feeling defeated, she stepped aside and allowed Rama to have at it with his axe. Fortunately, the door was made of wood and bent like butter to his will.

The room they entered then was full of weapons, but none of them any kind of improvement on the teams’ current arms. The team discussed destroying the weapons to remove them from Rebrand hands but then decided, since they would likely be dispatching with most of the Redbrand’s themselves, that perhaps the townspeople could use them later and instead left the armory in tact (apart from the door, that is).

In the next room they found a somewhat creepier scene. This room was different than the others they had seen before, there were tree-like columns along the walls, 2 large copper doors, and three sarcophagi each with an assembled skeleton in full mail propped up against it. Deciding it was probably best not to disturb the dead any further, the team sidled along the wall to the first copper door and entered the room without really thinking about what might be on the other side.

Bob was first through again and was immediately confronted by two armed Redbrand guards. As he drew his weapon, Bob noticed what they were guarding; two cells, one containing two women and the other a small boy. The team made quick work of the two guards and rescued the women and boy, who cautiously grabbed their clothes from a roughly strewn pile by the wall. They headed back to the weapon stash to arm the civilians just in case, but as they entered the three skeletons suddenly sprang into life.

As they were drawing their weapons and shuffling their rescued villagers back into the cell room, the adventurers noticed that these skeletons appeared to be of noble bearing, one was clearly a woman and the other two men. Arrows and swords were largely a miss during this battle, but the limited amount of space, combined with Bob‘s [special undead scaring move which I forget the name of], his hammer, and Rama’s axe, allowed them to smash the skeletons to pieces.

After this, the civilians were armed and the group took a moment to recompose themselves before pressing forward. One of the women, whose name was Mirna, thanked them profusely and, while she had nothing on hand to offer them, she told them the location of a hidden family heirloom; an Alchemist’s, Dendarar, in the southeast of Thundertree beneath a section of storage shelves, is where they would find it.

To be continued…


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