Dwarf Cleric



I’m always polite and respectful. Also, I don’t trust my gut feelings, so I tend to wait for others to act.


Respect. People deserve to be treated with dignity and courtesy.


I have three cousins – Gundren, Tharden, Nundro Rockseeker, who are my friends and cherished clan members.

Note: Gundren is the dwarf that has been taken by the goblins and hired you to bring the supplies to Phandalin


I secretly wonder whether the gods care about mortal affairs at all.


You draw magic from a divine domain associated with your Diety and your spells are granted to you through your connection with this domain. Your domain is Life, which is affiliated with many gods of good. Your god, Marthammor Duin, is the dwarf god of wanderers, travelers, and outcasts—those who move among strange lands and foreign peoples. Dwarves who honor him wear his holy symbol, a boot overlaid by an upright mace, on a necklace often made of silver and iron.

Alignment – Neutral Good: Your conscience, not law and authority, will guide you to do the right thing. Power is meant to be used for the benefit of all, not to oppress the weak.


Trained as a soldier on the island of Mintarn, you traveled to Neverwinter as part of a mercenary company that serves as both army and city watch. You grew disillusioned with your fellow soldiers, who seem to enjoy their authority at the expense of the people they’re supposed to protect. Everything came to a head recently, when you disobeyed an order and followed your conscience. You were suspended from active duty, though you kept your rank and your connection to the mercenaries. Since then, you have devoted yourself to your deity.

Personal Goal – Teach the Redbrands a Lesson: You’ve heard that Daran Edermath in the town of Phandalin is looking for people of courage and principle to teach some bullies a lesson. These thugs, the Redbrands, have been throwing their weight around in Phandalin, much as your compatriots did in Neverwinter. Putting a stop to their villainy is a worthy goal.



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