Ensemble Game Night

SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session Ten

Heading north along the path, they discover another ruined cottage; roof falling in, overgrown with thicket. Upon entering, Kerri discovers it used to be a weavers hut. Six twig blights are alerted to their presence and jump out of the underbrush and building. A festival of failure ensued as neither the party, nor their enemies could seem to strike each other. Eventually, they manage to destroy the twig blights, fortunately with little damage to themselves.

The group searched out the inside of the old building but found nothing. On the East side of town, they entered a small square with a large barracks like structure to the north. Roads extend to the south east, south west and north. In the middle of the square leaned a weathered wooden statue of a warrior clutching a shield and spear. Bob recognized the statue as being of Palian who became a hero of Neverwinter after slaying several monsters when Thundertree was first founded.

Bob and Kerri approach a run down old shack for some reason and Willow cautiously approaches the Barracks, which is the only in-tact building in town. The team listens at the door but hears nothing. Bob stepped through the door awakening several ash zombies. During the battle, one of the ash zombies poofed in Bob’s face. The team had forgotten the effects of this since their last encounter with these type of ash zombies a few days ago. He managed to shake off the effects but it was extremely unpleasant. The second time a zombie poofed in Bob’s face, he was not so lucky. The ash heavily impacted his ability to fight (disadvantage for 10 turns until his succeeds constitution check).

Finally, with the zombies dead, they search the barracks. They find rations which would have fed them for a while had they not rotted long ago. Nothing of value. The rested overnight.

Kerri was adamant about fighting the dragon to avenge her hometown and prove herself a hero. The mention of potential treasure was enough to persuade Willow. Elewin knew green dragons tended to be evil, were amphibious and could spit poison clouds.

Top of the hill stands a round tower with a cottage. Several arrow slits visible in the tower, which is about 40 meters tall. Two giant spider corpses are left outside, clearly mauled by the dragon. Willow and Kerri climbed a tree but could not reach the height of the tower to see the top.

They group decided to climb the outside of the tower and attempt to surround the dragon from above. They all reached the top successfully but Bob’s armor rattled loud enough to alert the dragon to their presence. They reached the top and peered down into the tower to see a green dragon looking back up at them.



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