Ensemble Game Night

SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session Seven

Owlbear +140XP

After fighting off the Owlbear, the party headed to where the Banshee lives. As the group traveled through the forest, it got colder and colder and the trees thicker. They come up to some trees that are twitsted into a dome-like structure. Kerri proceeded to inspect the structure but only discovered the obvious – that it was not natural and was made by someone. Bob volunteered to enter first. As he proceeded into the dome, the air grew colder, and the banshee materialized out of thin air. She looked like an elf, whose beautiful features were twisted with hate. She threatened the party with death for intruding on her abode. The group offered a thousand pardons, convincing her that they didn’t mean to intrude but were only looking for a spellbook. They also showed the banshee the comb as a peace offering. The banshee smiled, pleased with their politeness, and told the party about what she knew about the spellbook, then disappears with the comb. Apparently, she used to have the spellbook hundreds of years ago but someone else as it now. Everyone looked around the dome but found nothing of interest, only old furniture.

The party decided to go deal with orcs but was unsure where the camp was. After searching for clues, Kerri managed to find footprints that look orcish. The party followed the tracks for a day, until they spotted a lone orc guard at the entrance of a cave at the top of a hill. Bob decided to move nearer to the guard but his lumbering and clanking armor accidentally alerted guard to the group’s presence. Kerri hid behind a boulder and shot her bow and Willow follows suit. They both hit with their arrows and managed to kill the orc guard before he is able to send out an alarm. Bob proceeded to collect the orc’s tusks as a trophy.

Willow sneaked into the orcs hideout with the rest of the party following a little ways behind. Unfortunately, a few orcs noticed her at the entrance and started to attack. The orc leader, an ogre, and other orcs join the fight after they heard the commotion. Elewin summoned a fireball, which was extremely helpful in whittling down the orc’s defenses. The archers were not having a good day and kept missing their targets. Rama scored a few great hits but not before taking a lot of damage himself. Fortunately, Bob was able to use his spells twice to save him from the brink of death. The group managed to fight them off but not before one orc escaped after seeing the big ogre fall to the party’s attacks.

While Bob gleefully collected the orcs tucks and ogre teeth to add to his ever growing collection, the rest of the party searched around the orc’s den and finds a chest. Rama and Kerri examined the chest to make sure it’s not boobytrapped then proceeded to open it. In it, there were:

750 copper
180 silver
62 electrom
30 gold
3 viles of perfume

The group rested and decided to head toward Old Owl Well in the morn.

To be continued…



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