Ensemble Game Night

SCAAR - Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session One

Chapter 1: Goblin Arrows - Part 1

Each member of the party was approached by a friend of theirs, Gundren Rockseeker, while they are in Neverwinter. He was quite excited about something but wouldn’t say much except that he and his brothers found “something big”. He offered 10 gold each for them to do him a favor and escort a cart load of equipment to Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin, a town south east of Neverwinter. After getting all the provisions ready to travel Gundren and his escort, Sildar Hallwinter went on ahead, saying he had to arrive early to “take care of business”.

After travelling for a few days, they turned east onto the Triboar Trail. However, the trip to Phandalin was soon interrupted. Two horses lay dead across the trail and blocked passage, black feathered arrows sticking out from the corpses. Kerri spotted movement in the bushes and warned the others as Bob moved to take a closer look at the dead horses. He quickly realized these were the horses of their friend Gundren and his warrior escort. Their saddle bags had been looted and an empty map case lay nearby. Unfortunately, even with the warning and being on guard, only Kerri was prepared when the goblins jumped from the bushes to ambush them. The fight didn’t last long between Vizard’s magic missiles and the arrows of Kerri and Willow. Unfortunately, Willow and Bob did take a few hits from the goblins before they were defeated. After the fight Bob decided to take a trophy.. the body of one goblin.. which he dubbed Rick.

Deciding to find their friend, in part because he was the one that would pay them when they got to Phandalin, Kerri looked around for signs of where the goblins came from. Finding a trail heading to the north they followed it in hopes of finding the goblin hideout. Willow handily disarmed the first of the goblin’s rudimentary traps, a snare. Bob re-purposed the net to make it easier to carry Rick. Unfortunately, focused on his trophy, Bob was not so careful with where he was stepping and handily ‘disarmed’ a pit trap by falling directly into it. Lucky for him, goblins are not effective pit diggers and he had no trouble simply climbing back out, though he did take a few bumps and bruises from the fall.

Upon finding the cave and probable hideout of the goblins Bob managed to alert the rather lazy and inattentive goblin guards when he decided to use Rick to test the far side of the stream for more traps. This fight went even more quickly than the last, the goblins being quite unprepared for intruders really. Bob took two more goblins as trophies now that he had a net to help him in dragging them behind him. One quite bloody from the javelin Leonidas threw right through the poor goblin earlier.

There was some debate on trying to lure out the goblins or scare them from the caves, but the attempts unfortunately only woke some dogs by the sounds of it. Entering the caves they found a cave that seemed to be used as a kennel and garbage. Kerri was able to tame the wild dogs there and after a brief inspection of the kennels found a fissure leading up into the cave wall. It must come out somewhere as someone has been dumping garbage and scraps down it to the dogs. There was some debate about what to do next, but Vizard and Leo were determined not to follow the garbage filled fissure and so the front door path was the route they took.

After following the stream for a short distance, Bob and Vizard spotted a goblin on a bridge some 20 feet above the stream, acting as a look out. Unfortunately, the goblin was quick and crafty and managed to avoid the spells cast at it by the wizard and cleric. The goblin scampered away quickly and out of sight. Only a few moments later, water rushed down the cavern path they had been following. Most were able to maintain their footing but Bob, the water catching the goblins and dragging him along with them out of the cave. On his way back to meet his travelling companions again another flood of water washed down through the cavern tunnels. Fortunately, this time everyone was able to keep from being washed away, though some were lost their footing they were able to grab hold of some rocks.

Worried another flood would come soon, and seeing the cave opening up ahead of them, most of the party pushed onward, hoping Bob would catch up soon.

…. to be continued



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